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3,74 EUR*
Details DYMO-Col-Erase-1279-colour-pencil-Colour-Pencils-Wood-Yellow

Col-Erase Pencil w/Eraser, Yellow Lead, Yellow Barrel, Dozen

4,99 EUR*
Details Left-Handed-Pencil

Left Handed Pencil A special pencil for the elite 10% No, really it is a left handed pencil - the text runs from head to tip of the pencil meaning its actually the correct way up for we south-paws! Comes with left handed logo and built in pencil ...

5,43 EUR*
Details General-Black-Scribe-All-Pencil-by-General-Pencil

Multi-purpose pencil;Acid-free - non-toxic - photo-safe;Use on plastic - glass - metal - wood - vellum - tile - ceramic;Black

19,00 EUR*
Details Prisma-Premier-Colored-Pencils

SANFORD-Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil Set. These colored pencils are artists' quality pencils for every level of expertise. Pencils contain high quality pigments for a rich color saturation and feature soft, thick cores which create a smooth ...

32,49 EUR*
Details Pro-Art-36-Piece-Artist-Pencil-Set-by-PRO-ART

This Artist Pencil Set from Pro-Art is a nice selection of drawing media. Twelve watercolor pencils, twelve colored pencils, eight sketch pencils, and four graphite pencils are included in a carry box. A great set for experimenting with various techniques.

7,36 EUR*
Details 50-X-Plant-Labels-Pencils-SupaGarden-Plant-Labels-Pencil-Pack-of-50

SupaGarden Pflanzenetiketten und Bleistift, 12,7 cm, 50 Stück

14,99 EUR*
Details Axe-to-Grind-Pencil-Sharpener

Axe to Grind Pencil Sharpener Cut through the work of pencil sharpening with an axe pencil sharpener Sturdy, shiny sharp and made of steel but safe and easy to use Comes complete with a pencil to cut down to size

8,79 EUR*
Details Kikkerland-4353-King-Kong-Pencil

King Kong Pencil & Eraser Set The mighty King Kong eraser can even rub out monster mistakes! King Kong is a cute pencil rubber climbing to the top of a tall building style pencil

17,74 EUR*
Details Watercolor-Pencils-24Pkg-

Formulated with brilliant colors, these pencils can transform from a drawing to a watercolor painting in an instant. Simply glide over pencil lines with a wet brush. More Info: ROYAL BRUSH MANUFACTURING-Formulated with brilliant colors, these pencils ...

4,91 EUR*
Details Fabric-Pencils-4Pkg-Gray-White-Silver-Yellow

GENERAL PENCIL-Fabric Pencils: 4/pkg. Use either quilter's pencil to draw precise lines before stitching on most fabrics: wash off with gentle soap and water or use an eraser made for fabrics. The chalk pencil can be used to draw or trace a design ...

55,31 EUR*

The classic yellow and black stripped pencil that's been a school favourite for 30 years.;STAEDTLER NORIS HB SCHOOL PENCIL X 150;High quality Staedtler pencils

36,14 EUR*
Details Sanford-Prismacolor-Watercolor-Pencils-24Pkg

SANFORD-PrismaColor Watercolor Pencils. Professional quality, water soluble colored pencils that can be used wet or dry and offer superior lightfastness. This package contains twenty-four Watercolor Pencils in a reusable 8x4-1/2x3/4 inch storage tin ...

4,38 EUR*
Details Royal-Brush-Watercolor-pencils-12Pkg

Royal Brush-Watercolor Pencils. These vibrantly colored, pre- sharpened and blendable colored pencils are sure to catch the attention of young artists! This package contains twelve watercolor pencils in assorted colors. Conforms to ASTM D4236. Imported.

8,28 EUR*
Details Crayola-Color-Sticks-Woodless-Colored-Pencils-12Pkg-Short

CRAYOLA-Color Sticks Pencils. Last four times longer than standard length Crayola colored pencils! This package contains twelve woodless colored pencils. Nontoxic. Conforms to ASTM D 4236. Imported.

3,52 EUR*
Details Fun-Kids-Colouring-Pencil-Tube-Pug-Design

Fun pug design tube and colouring pencils;Dimensions: Tube Height 9.5cm Width 3cm Depth 3cm Pencil Length 8.5cm

12,47 EUR*
Details Pantone-Universe-Eco-Pencil-Tube-Process-Mage

Whitbread Wilkinson have brought design to your desk. Recycled wood pulp pencils in gift tubes featuring Pantone Universe Colors. This tube represents Pantone Process Magenta and stores 6 graphite pencils and 6 wax colored pencils.

6,19 EUR*
Details Royal-Brush-Color-Pencil-By-Number-Kit-875X1175-Whitetail-Buck

ROYAL BRUSH-Pencil By Number Kit. These pencil by number kits are perfect for travel, rainy days and group activities. These kits contain one 8-3/4x11-3/4in pre-printed board, ten colored pencils and a pencil sharpener. Available in a variety of ...

7,35 EUR*
Details Caran-Dache-Grafwood-Pencil-H

Caran d'Ache GRAFWOOD is an 8-ply graphite pencil, created with blended graphites to make the lead more resistant to breakage. They also offer 25% more drawing material than a traditional pencil due to their larger diameter of lead. H pencils are ...

4,20 EUR*
Details Little-Red-All-Art-Pencil-Sharpener-

GENERAL PENCIL-General's All Art Sharpener. Ideal for studio, classroom or on the go. The steel blade works on charcoal, pastel, colored pencils, and soft cored artists pencils. This package contains one steel blade sharpener and canister. Imported

5,45 EUR*
Details General-Multi-Pastel-Burnt-Sienna-Chlk-Pencil-by-General-Pencil

Dies multi-pastel Kreide Bleistift von allgemeinen ist handgefertigt mit den feinsten Künstler-Pigmente und original Weihrauch Zedernholz. Ideal für Pastell zeichnen, Scrapbooking, hochwertige und Multimedia-Projekte - dieses Öl säurefrei Künstler ...

5,99 EUR*
Details Twig-Pencil

Stick Pencil Insgesamt twiggy pencil for your drawing and writing needs A chip off the old block Made from natural twigs Approx 20 cm /8" long (NB: Lead does not go through the whole length)

3,95 EUR*
Details Amscan-International-Favour-pencil-pirate-12Stck

AMSCAN-Party Favors: Pencils. Amscan has a huge selection of party favors, no need to go anywhere else! This package contains twelve pencils with erasers. Pencils are available in a variety of themes: each sold separately. WARNING: Choking Hazard. Not ...

6,95 EUR*
Details Little-Diva-Pencil-Case-Mini

Pencil Case Mini Maße: 19x5x5cm Material: 100% Polyester

6,52 EUR*


4,87 EUR*
Details Dixon-Ticonderoga-Renew-Recycled-2-Pencils-10Pkg-Natural

Prang-Ticonderoga Renew Recycled #2 Pencil: Natural. Wood scraps are recycled and joined together to make new pencils. Less wood is used and less waste is created. Pencils are made with 53% pre- consumer recycled wood. Has a black graphite point for ...

39,00 EUR*
Details The-Digital-Pencil

The Digital Pencil This book takes a serious historical and international look at the "digital pencil" movement to equip every student with a computing device with wireless connection. Using an ecological perspective as an overarching framework, and ...

15,66 EUR*
Details Sewline-Mechanical-Fabric-Pencil-Green-by-Sewline

These pencil are convenient for marking and copying detailed designs for applique embroidery handicrafts sewing and quilting;Pencil has a thick point;Made in japan

29,12 EUR*
Details Wax-Pencils-25-Blue-Hancocks-Wax-Fabric-Garment-Marking-Pencils-by-Hancocks

Blau Kleidung markieren Wachsstifte 25 pro Box. Mit Wachs Buntstifte sind geeignet für den Einsatz auf Wolle oder Kammgarn Material und sind in der Regel aus der von einem warmen, Eisen.Sicher sein, zu testen Sie die Markierung auf einem extra Stück ...

5,70 EUR*
Details Derwent-Watercolor-Pencil-60-Br-Yellow-Ochre

Derwent Watercolor Pencils are a quality water soluble pencil made for the artist who demands the very best. Combines pure consistent color with great versatility. Blendable with water.

5,56 EUR*
Details Bruynzeel-Color-Pencil-Prussian-Blue-58

Bruynzeel Design Prussian Blue Color Pencils are high quality colored pencils with a 3.8mm core of select pigments and a liquid wax binder ensuring color purity that easily blends without wax buildup.

6,37 EUR*
Details Wolffs-Carbon-Pencil-2B

Considered by many artists to be the finest pencils available Wolff beautifully blended carbon pencils offer the advantages of both graphite and charcoal. Only the finest materials are used to ensure that their textured velvety black lines apply ...

9,18 EUR*
Details Striker-Hand-Tools-77629-Zimmermanns-Druckbleistift-Pencil

Mechanical carpenter pencil with DuraLead replacement lead combo pack. Built from High Impact ABS, the Striker is extremely durable and has more usable lead than a traditional wooden pencil.

0,71 EUR*
Details Aluminium-Pencil-Sharpener-Single-Hole

A wedge shaped, metal pencil sharpener with a choice of single or double hole.

5,67 EUR*
Details Sakura-3-Piece-Refill-Eraser-for-Sumo-Grip-Pencil-by-Sakura

A jumbo twist eraser that lasts six times longer than the average pencil eraser. Fits SumoGrip Mechanical Pencil.

5,78 EUR*
Details Prismacolor-Pencil-1089-Pale-Sage

Prismacolor Color Pencils are thick soft leads made from brilliant pigments. Smooth waterproof and very lightfast.

5,68 EUR*
Details Tritone-Colored-Pencils-Poppy

These unique colored pencils contain three colored leads braided together in a 3.8mm lead. The color combinations include analogous colors, shades of the same or similar hue and complimentary colors. The effects they make in a colored pencil are ...

33,22 EUR*
Details Faber-Castell-Do-Art-Watercolor-Pencils-Premium-Kids-Crafts

This Do Art: Watercolor Pencil Art set by Faber-Castell is a premium gift set that is perfect for a young or beginner artist to learn to use watercolor pencils and blending techniques. This kit includes ten watercolor pencils with a clear zipper pouch ...

5,56 EUR*
Details Bruynzeel-Aquarelle-Pencil-Vermilion-31

Bruynzeel Design Aquarelle Vermilion Pencils are high quality pencils with a 3.8mm core of select pigments and a liquid wax binder ensuring color purity that easily blends without wax buildup making an easy transition into use with water.

4,13 EUR*
Details Prang-Colored-Pencils-12Pkg-

DIXON TICONDEROGA-Prang Colored Pencils. These pre-sharpened, real wood pencils are ideal for school or home use and feature Microban antimicrobial built-in product protection to help prevent the growth of stain causing bacteria. This package contains ...

48,90 EUR*
Details Irojeten-Drawing-Pencils-5Pkg-Primary

TOMBOW-The Irojeten Drawing Pencils. Experience the difference in these superior color pencils featuring professional quality lead! This lead is hard and dense for precise detailed illustrations. Blended colors stay clear with a smooth; consistent ...